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The Ultimate Brick Maker Sets


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Relevant Play (formerly waba fun) introduces the ultimate brick makers to the Mad matter product family! the ultimate brick makers give kids of all ages a new way to create and build with the award-winning Mad matter compound. Children and adults alike can now make their own buildable, stackable bricks using the ultimate brick maker and any (or all) of Mad matter colours. Build your own custom constructed brick creations…..then smash it up and start again! the ultimate brick makers are designed specifically to be used with Mad matter compound to help you create your very own building blocks! the ultimate brick makers x6 allows you to create up to 6 bricks at a time and comes with two 5oz packs of Mad matter inside (1 x pink, 1 x blue). for ages 3 and up.
W5.1 H19 L27.3 cm