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Lego Super Hero Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory

€59.95 €44.95

  • Includes Super girl and Lena Luthor mini-doll figures, plus Krypto the dog and three Kryptomite figures: green, purple and blue
  • Features a 3-level factory with a lab, holding cell, crystal element, Kryptomite dispenser/slide, power drain room, break-out door with graffiti and a Kryptomite shooter
  • Also includes Lena Luthor's getaway boat with a chain and box for the Krypto mites and Super girl's jet boat with dual shooters and room for Krypto
  • Lift the lever to send the 'finished' Kryptomite down the slide and into the box
  • Push the button on the rooftop shooter to fire elements at Super girl's jet boat