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Unique egg-heads help children learn to identify and express their feelings in a fun---and funny--- way. Idea book included. A storybook and set of 6 expressive wooden eggs offer a role-playing activity to help children identify their feelings. Humpty's cousins are invited to a party but they need a plan to get over the castle wall. By sharing their feelings and working together, they find a happy solution. Children read the storybook and role-play with the six egg-shaped friends that express happy, sad, angry, excited, afraid, and shy. They can help find a way to solve Humpty's cousins problem and use the unique egg stands to build towers and tell stories. Eggs can also be used alone as props for discussing emotions in other contexts or activities. Includes 6 wooden eggs, 6 rubber egg stands, and an illustrated book. Each egg is 1.75". From 2 years.