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Digibirds With Cage


6 Digibirds with cage's to collect (Each sold separately)
Compatibility: Ipad and other Digibirds (Each sold separately)
Dimensions: 12L x 12W x 15H cm
Contents: A Digibird, a cage, and a whistle ring
Batteries Required: 3 LR44 batteries (included)
Product Description
Digibirds with a cage are safe and easy to operate even for younger children. Simply select single mode and blow directly onto the DigiBird to start it tweeting. Start the DigiBird singing by simply blowing the whistle, conveniently built into the finger ring. The DigiBirds perform a selection of over twenty pre-programmed popular melodies. To enable several DigiBirds to sing a song together select chorus mode and each DigiBird will automatically synchronise and follow the fascinating sound and movements of the leader like a choir. (Each sold separately).